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Spirit Stone

You may refine Spirit stone +9 and imbue higher options into it through refinement. Successful compounding of Spirit Stone will result to a better option. However, the result is randomly processed. Compounding of the upper level’s spirit is only possible for God 356 level that achieves the “Birth of Light Warrior” Quest.


Item’s Combine

You can combine the spirit stone through “Shany” in “Karden”. You will need 1 +0~+9 Spirit Stone and 2 +9 Spirit Stones. You must also have 4 “Laktorerium Powder” to complete the process.


When you have successfully combined the spirit stones, it will have a random item option.


Upon a successful upgrade, your gold will decrease by 2,000,000.


When you fail the upgrade, your gold will decrease by 500,000.


The Spirit Stone has no effect in refining the items.


You can still use the refined spirit stone as a combination material.

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