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“Well, apparently you’re not a beginner anymore, are you? Now your journey will start in another character, practically a demigod. Good luck becoming an Arch!”


To create a Arch character you must have a Mortal character level 400. In addition, you will also need to go to the King of your kingdom, having an Immortality Stone and a Sephiroth of the desired class for the Arch equipped.


Arch 3


Immortality Stone

Arch 2


To be able to create the Immortality Stone you must first obtain the Unicorn’s Soul and the Phoenix’s soul that can be obtained through Kersef’s monsters, check the droplist to learn more. Once you have both souls, place them in the first and second slots of your inventory to form the Immortality Stone, along with 10 sapphires and talk to the Oracle of your kingdom.



Sephirot 9


To be able to create the Sephirot you must obtain the eight stones of the sephiroth (Intelligence, Wisdom, Mercy, Abyss, Beauty, Victory, Originality and Kingdom) through Kersef’s monsters. Through the drop, you will get the “closed” stones, which must be opened, through the use of a Ori Powder or a Lac Powder to reveal themselves. Consult the droplist to find out where to purchase each of the stones described below.  Once you have the eight stones, equip the Immortality Stone and talk to the Skill master of the class you want to produce the Sephiroth. It is worth remembering that to carry out the composition, a value of 30 million gold will be charged.


Stone Image Higher chance of Revealing
Lord Orc Sephirot 9 Intelligence
Skeleton Sephirot 7 Wisdom
Draco Lich Sephirot 4 Mercy
Demon Lord Sephirot 8 Abyss
Manticore Sephirot 6 Beauty
FireGargoyle Sephirot 1 Victory
Lugefer Sephirot 2 Originality
King Demon Lord Sephirot 3 Kingdom



  • If you don’t have the immortality equipped, you won’t be able to create the sephiroth;
  • When opening a “closed” stone, it has a higher chance of revealing those mentioned in the table, however, other may reveal themselves.

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